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Does the user provide an attestation or certification upon submission of the data?

VALIDITY does require that the homeowner or property contact attest that the provided information is representative of their property and condition at time of inspection. VALIDITY also warns the homeowner for each uploaded photo that 1) does not contain metadata, 2) the metadata indicates the photo was taken prior to the inspection, 3) the metadata indicates the photo was taken from a location other than the subject property or 4) the photo is a duplicate of another photo provided. The homeowner is prompted to replace the photo in question but can override with a required explanation. All photos that don't meet these checks are flagged with the homeowner's explanation when delivered to the appraiser. The appraiser also has an opportunity to review all photos and information provided and can mark with questions and return an email link to the homeowner to provide clarification and/or additional information. This two way communication is a differentiating feature from competing apps and is all contained within the VALIDITY application. The homeowner and appraiser can perform multiple submission and review sessions until the appraiser is satisfied with the inspection results.