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Appraisal Intelligence for Capital Markets

It’s critical to validate the market value of the origination appraisal and understand potential risks and compliance issues. Protect yourself against regulatory/financial risk and satisfy internal and external credit risk expectations with SVI.

What Differentiates Appraisal Risk Review?

Appraisal Risk Review (ARR) provides all the information needed to confidently move your whole loan or securitization deals forward


ARR validates & reviews all subject and comparable data and characteristics as well as the appraiser’s value reconciliation

Platform uses industry-leading appraisal QC analytics and is fully integrated with national public records and multiple listing service (MLS) data


ARR Confirms the original appraiser’s methodologies, credentials and commentary to ensure compliance and industry-accepted best practices

Review Appraiser signs report and presents conclusion and value reconciliation


ARR Flags all risk factors and provides easy to understand summaries of all issues

Ability to incorporate client appraisal guidelines and credit risk policies

The ARR makes it simple to confirm or disprove the credibility of the original appraisal and appraiser, providing you with an easy to understand summary, risk flags and recommended next steps based on your policies and tolerances.

Every Appraisal Risk Review is completed by a licensed/certified appraiser located in the state of your subject property and includes a final written analysis. With Appraisal Risk Review, know your overall collateral risk and what next steps you need to take.

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SVI’s ARR uncovers risk related to appraised value, the property and market, appraiser methodology and regulatory compliance

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