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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you compliant with all Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPB) requirements?

Yes, our complaint handling process is compliant with CFPB requirements. (more…)

Do I need to complete a background check?

Some of Stewart Valuation Intelligence’s clients have made background checks mandatory, others have no preference. You can sign up either way.

Do you have a process for identifying and reporting USPAP violations?

Stewart Valuation Intelligence has a formal complaint process. A complaint could come from a number of channels including but not limited to: clients, reviewers, homeowners or appraisers. (more…)

Do you maintain a list of appraisers you would recommend not doing business with?

No, but Stewart Valuation Intelligence does adhere to mandatory state reporting. (more…)

How do you monitor state regulatory changes to ensure that you are in compliance?

Stewart Valuation Intelligence is dedicated to monitoring and reviewing all regulatory changes at the state and federal levels. Our team of compliance professionals are well versed in the ever-changing compliance landscape. (more…)

I thought I could only use drive-by appraisals for home equity valuations?

Many companies can only provide appraisal-based solutions, limiting your choice. Stewart Valuation Intelligence offers AVM, Agent/Broker and Appraiser derived solutions and can match products to your need and credit-risk policy.

What industry groups do you belong to?

Stewart Valuation Intelligence is a member of the Mortgage Bankers Association, Collateral Risk Network, Association of Appraisal Regulatory Officials and a founding member of the Real Estate Valuation Advocacy Association (REVAA). (more…)

What methodology do you use to ensure Customary and Reasonable compliance?

Stewart Valuation Intelligence conducts routine studies of reasonable and customary fees per market. We undergo consistent analysis of fees paid for each assignment to ensure we are paying reasonable fees. (more…)

What states are you registered in as an AMC?

Stewart Valuation Intelligence is licensed and compliant in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. (more…)

Why can’t I just use an AVM to value a property for a Home Equity loan?

Prior to the 2008 housing crisis, most lenders used automated valuation models as a cost-effective solution for home equity valuations. Regulation post-crisis has made it so that property condition, in some instances, has to be confirmed to use an AVM.

Why does a home equity loan require a valuation?

Lenders require a valuation for every type of home equity loan. They do this to protect themselves from risk of default, in case you can’t repay the loan. It also protects the borrower by having a deeper understanding of your properties current value.