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Desktop Appraisals

Delivering to your desktop appraisal needs

We have the people, resources, technology and processes to deliver an efficient desktop appraisal.

What is a desktop appraisal?

A desktop appraisal is a fast, efficient way of evaluating a property’s value using tax records, photos and data listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This type of appraisal takes the place of a full appraisal in which an appraiser will visit the property to take measurements and collect information firsthand.  

Desktop appraisals, which are faster than full appraisals, are held to the same USPAP and FIRREA standards. They are only available for single-family home loans, whereas full appraisals can be used for all types of loans and properties.

Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac incorporated desktop appraisals into their selling guides for certain purchase loans starting March 19, 2022, with Freddie Mac further expanding desktop use as of July 17, 2022. SVI has the ability to support the new requirements using its VALIDITY inspection tool and National Agent/Broker Network.

Which appraisal product is the right choice?

Fannie Mae 1004 Desktop

Fannie’s Mae’s Uniform Residential Appraisal Report used for desktop appraisals.

Freddie Mac 70D

Freddie Mac’s requirement when completing a desktop appraisal in which the appraiser must also include a floor plan and building sketch.

SVI’s Appraisal Desktop with Inspection (ADI)

An affordable limited scope home appraisal that is completed by a state credentialed appraiser in adherence with USPAP and FIRREA.

Looking for speed, accuracy and compliance without the expense of a field appraisal?

SVI’s desktop appraisal solutions put all relative market data at the appraiser’s fingertips, eliminates rekeying of data and provides more robust market analysis and data validation. The result? Faster turnaround times, improved accuracy and stronger supporting data.


Completed by a state credentialed appraiser in adherence with USPAP and FIRREA


Our use of a licensed real estate professional to conduct the property inspection means someone with factual local market knowledge is completing the inspection


Completed by a licensed/competent appraiser located in the state of the subject property


Faster than a conventional field appraisal. Lead time, less than 5 business days


Affordable alternative to a field appraisal by using a licensed real estate professional to conduct the inspection.

SVI’s Full Suite of Valuation Products

SVI delivers residential appraisal products for a variety of needs, including conventional financing, FHA financing and loan servicing.


Full Appraisal Management Company (AMC) services for conventional financing, FHA financing and loan servicing

Review Products

Desktop reviews, Reconciliations, Tie-Outs, and SVI’s Appraisal Risk Review (ARR)


Broker Price Opinions (BPOs), evaluations and inspections options


Automated valuation models (AVMs) built on national market data, appraisal valuation modeling, analytics, indexes and forecasts

Appraisal Desktop with Inspection

A timely and affordable limited scope home appraisal, perfect for instances where a full appraisal is not required

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