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Delivering to your desktop appraisal needs

In today’s market, the combination of an inspection with a desktop appraisal has been enthusiastically received by clients and regulators alike.

Why Stewart’s ADI?

Increased regulatory oversight and credit risk policies have put restrictions on the use of non-appraisal valuations. A product was needed to fill the gap between an AVM or BPO and a Field Appraisal. Enter SVI’s Appraisal Desktop with Inspection (ADI).

SVI’s ADI, a bifurcated appraisal solution, is a timely and affordable limited scope home appraisal that is completed by a state credentialed appraiser in adherence with USPAP and FIRREA; perfect for instances where a full appraisal is not required.


Completed by a state credentialed appraiser in adherence with USPAP and FIRREA


Our use of a licensed real estate professional to conduct the property inspection means someone with factual local market knowledge is completing the inspection


Completed by a licensed/competent appraiser located in the state of the subject property


Faster than a conventional field appraisal. Lead time, less than 5 business days


Affordable alternative to a field appraisal by using a licensed real estate professional to conduct the inspection.

Looking for speed, accuracy, and compliance without the expense of a field appraisal?

The availability of SVI’s Integrated Market Data (IMD) within the ADI form puts all relative market data at the appraiser’s fingertips, eliminates rekeying of data and provides more robust market analysis and data validation. The result, faster turn times, improved accuracy and stronger supporting data.

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