BPOs, Evaluations & Inspections

Whether it’s a BPO, evaluation or inspection, Stewart Valuation Intelligence has an extensive National Network of Brokers and Agents to meet your needs.

Broker Price Opinions

SVI offers all industry-standard BPOs, but always starts out by asking “Why?” How is the BPO to be used? Is it for a short sale, REO disposition, due diligence? What is the client’s process post-delivery? We approach every valuation with your needs in mind.

Broker Market Value

Our Evaluation provides a market value and meets the requirements as published in the Interagency Appraisal Guidelines. The product is most widely used in default servicing, portfolio review and pre-foreclosure analysis.


CollateralPoint® is an interactive AVM with a property inspection designed to bring property conditions and other factors into the value.


ValueFocus is an AVM with site inspection, delivering property condition into the value result.

Inspection Services

SVI’s Property Condition Report (PCR) offers a visual inspection of the property, reporting on condition, wear, build and other features. The report also provides a damage assessment with special emphasis on damage to property after unforeseen events like hurricanes, storms, forest fires and other natural disasters.

Valuation Products


Full AMC services for conventional financing, FHA financing and loan servicing

Desktop Appraisals

ADI is a smart, economical alternative when a full appraisal isn’t warranted

Review Products

Desktop Reviews, Reconciliations, Tie-Outs, and SVI’s Appraisal Risk Review (ARR)


Broker Price Opinions, Evaluations and Inspections options


We offer a full complement of market data, modeling analytics, indexes and forecasts

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