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As an originator your #1 priority is to close quality loans. Appraisals with issues requiring multiple touches cost you time and money. You expect an accurate and reconciled value that protects you from repurchase risk.

SVI is a full-service Appraisal Management Company (AMC).

In addition to originators, we work with servicers, home equity and capital market clients as well. How does that help you? We understand what you need to succeed and what’s happening in other areas of the industry that could impact your business.

Products and Services of Interest


  • A full suite of conventional, hybrid and FHA Appraisal products

Desktop Appraisals

  • Appraisal Desktop with Inspection (ADI) an effective option for Home Equity

Review Products

  • Pre-and post-funding due diligence
  • Appraisal Risk Review (ARR) when selling a loan to an investor or into a securitization, rating agency approved

AVMS, Property Data & Real Estate Analytics

  • A full complement of national market data, valuation modeling, market analytics, indexes and forecasts
  • We can build tailored solutions to support financially sound credit risk and portfolio due diligence strategies.


Offering full AMC services and an array of due diligence solutions

Home Equity

A suite of valuation options and Intelligent Cascade to match product to risk


Products to meet your needs based on function, risk policy and investor/regulatory guidelines

Capital Markets

Collateral valuation and due diligence to support loan pool purchase, sale and securitization

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