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Home Equity Valuation Solutions

Five products providing dependable, defendable and compliant market values.

We’ve got you covered when it comes to home equity valuation solutions

Multiple products to meet differing credit risk


We have AVM, broker/agent and appraiser-driven valuation products, giving you options to find the solution best for you.


Intelligent Cascade, an automated “waterfall” product selector, gives you different product options depending on risk and underwriting criteria.


All our home equity products meet interagency guidelines, and we’re always on top of regulatory trends.


All the benefits mean nothing if the value isn’t accurate. Intelligent Quality Control is our key to more accurate reports.

ProductsValueFocus & CollateralPointBroker Market ValueAppraisal Desktop with Inspection (ADI)Field Appraisals
Provides a Market ValueAVM Derived/Interactive AVM DerivedReal Estate Professional DerivedAppraiser DerivedAppraiser Derived
Subject property photos included
Provides comments/market commentaryCollateralPoint
Provides market forecast graphs and other trendsCollateralPoint
Includes an Appraiser’s Signature

Instant Home Value Estimate

White Paper

Home Equity Options for Profitable Lending

In our latest white paper, Leveraging Smart Home Equity Options for More Profitable Lending, we outline the current and forecasted state of lending and highlight the smart home valuation options from Stewart Valuation Intelligence Intelligence. With these solutions, lenders can better match a valuation solution to loan risk, which is part of a smart strategy for lenders in this competitive market.


Why does a home equity loan require a valuation?

Lenders require a valuation for every type of home equity loan. They do this to protect themselves from risk of default, in case you can’t repay the loan. It also protects the borrower by having a deeper understanding of your properties current value.

Who pays for the valuation on a home equity loan?

In most cases, the lender orders and pays for the valuation. Stewart Valuation Intelligence can help you control costs by offering different product options depending on risk and underwriting criteria.

Why can’t I just use an AVM to value a property for a Home Equity loan?

Prior to the 2008 housing crisis, most lenders used automated valuation models as a cost-effective solution for home equity valuations. Regulation post-crisis has made it so that property condition, in some instances, has to be confirmed to use an AVM.

I thought I could only use drive-by appraisals for home equity valuations?

Many companies can only provide appraisal-based solutions, limiting your choice. Stewart Valuation Intelligence offers AVM, Agent/Broker and Appraiser derived solutions and can match products to your need and credit-risk policy.

Is there a cost-effective way to add interior photos to a solution?

Stewart Valuation Intelligence’s VALIDITY homeowner guided inspection tool can be used in conjunction with many of Stewart Valuation Intelligence’s solutions to give you a view inside the property in question.


Offering full AMC services and an array of due diligence solutions

Home Equity

A suite of valuation options and Intelligent Cascade to match product to risk


Products to meet your needs based on function, risk policy and investor/regulatory guidelines

Capital Markets

Collateral valuation and due diligence to support loan pool purchase, sale and securitization

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