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Bringing the best market data, human insights, data-driven processes and customer service into one solution.

Human-Driven, Tech-Enabled

Appraisals, valuations and other reports are performed by people, but the tools that enable these processes keep advancing. Expectations have evolved. The ubiquitous messages of A.I. and “data, data, data” have steered us towards data-driven decision-making, but we’re missing the real target – how to identify and interpret data to make the right decisions, and how to provide the tools the experts need to make more informed decisions. That is where human insights, knowledge and experience come in.

Stewart Valuation Intelligence hires the best people and valuation partners, then gives them the tech-enabled tools and processes needed to deliver the most accurate and defendable reports.

How We Deliver


Winning performance sustained by embracing technology that empowers our people.


Integrated valuation products and services to meet current and future industry needs.


A culture of ownership, teamwork and responsiveness, resulting in better reports.


The better we know our clients, the more effectively we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations. That commitment to service is built on years of honesty and integrity, and it allows us to provide unparalleled, personalized client service powered by Valuation Intelligence. SVI believes in a holistic service approach — enabled by technology, not replaced by it.


Our National Partner Network brings together unmatched experience, powerful technology and customized service to deliver the accurate reports that our clients can depend on. Using tools like Integrated Market Data (IMD) and Intelligent Quality Control (IQC), our partners have access to the right information at the right time, leading to more accurate analysis and better reports.

Our Client Success Stories

Stewart Valuation Intelligence is the only Appraisal Management Company I have ever worked with that has a live person answer the phone every single time. It’s refreshing to know there is a valuation company that is committed to customer service.”
National Bank of Kansas City
I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your exceptional effort in helping my clients accomplish their needs. These types of things separate the great from the average.”
BNC National Bank
We have worked with many other companies and have finally found a professional, compliant, educated AMC with customer service that is second to none in a high-volume environment.”
New American Funding
SVI’s commitment to working with the best appraisers rather than the cheapest separates them from other AMCs. We see the results in both the level of service provided and the quality of their reports.”
Peoples Home Lending

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