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Frequently Asked Questions

As a Network Partner, how can I get more work from Stewart Valuation Intelligence?

The quality of your work and meeting due dates that you agree to are the two most important factors. If you have a great track record you will have the opportunity for more work.

Do I need to complete a background check?

Some of Stewart Valuation Intelligence’s clients have made background checks mandatory, others have no preference. You can sign up either way.

Do you sometimes have different SLAs by product, complexity or market area?

Yes, we have instances where we manage to different SLAs by product, region and complexity. SLAs are maintained at the product and client level within our platform. (more…)

How are customer or borrower complaints handled?

All complaints from borrowers and/or customers are documented and investigated. Any complaint received through a borrower is routed through the lender/client. (more…)

How can I sign up to be a Stewart Valuation Intelligence Network Partner?

We are always searching for experienced appraisers, brokers and agents who share our passion for accuracy and customer service. (more…)

How long does it take for SVI to respond to a customer service inquiry?

Stewart Valuation Intelligence responds to all customer inquiries within one hour of receipt as a policy. The actual response time has been less than 20 minutes from receipt of the customer inquiry. (more…)

How often do you pay?

For Partners signed up for direct deposit, all work closed in QC by Friday night will be paid by the following Wednesday (allow up to 48 hours for the funds to show in your account).

What are your fees?

Stewart Valuation Intelligence offers competitive fees, and constantly studies the market to make sure our fees align with going market rates. We also encourage feedback from our partners and for you to set up your own fee schedule.

Why should I work with Stewart Valuation Intelligence?

Stewart Valuation Intelligence has more than 300 clients, including 8 of the top ten banks and the GSEs. We are part of the Stewart family of companies (STC), giving us the financial stability of a publicly traded company.

With a client, which performance metrics do you consider most important to report? 

Stewart Valuation Intelligence strives to exceed our clients’ SLA expectations. Stewart Valuation Intelligence is constantly driving to a “one-touch” process by which the client receives a report that meets all requirements and does not require any revisions and or re-work. (more…)