Appraisal Products

SVI delivers all residential appraisal products for a variety of needs, including conventional financing, FHA financing and loan servicing.

Appraisal Modernization

Stewart Valuation Intelligence is supporting Appraisal Modernization with tools and processes to meet the needs of the GSEs.


Delivering all GSE field and hybrid appraisal products.

Desktop Appraisals

We have the people, resources and processes to deliver your desktop appraisal needs.


VALIDITY Pro Inspection

The tool needed to support Freddie Mac’s ACE + PDR initiative.

SVI Benefits

A National Network of Appraisers and Brokers

Mature network, over 37,000 strong – Trained to Stewart Valuation Intelligence’s exacting standards

Quality Review Staff located in all major MSAs

Real estate professionals, trained to ensure that your rules and special instructions are met


Micro market data that powers is used in our QC processes and enhances many of our valuation products

Professional Training Staff

Online and classroom learning for all in-house staff and Network Partners provides greater consistency and quality across all functions

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