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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an AMC?

Yes, Stewart Valuation Intelligence provides Appraisal Management Company (AMC) services, along with other real estate valuation services. (more…)

Can I get HVF data?

HVF is created using numerous housing and economic data sources. The top 750 CBSAs, as well as data down to the ZIP code level for approximately 18,000 ZIPs, are available with a corporate subscription to the service. (more…)

Do you have licensed/certified appraisers on staff?

Yes, we have licensed/certified appraisers on staff: in management, as review appraisers and in various MSAs as field appraisers. (more…)

Do you subcontract?

Stewart Valuation Intelligence uses licensed and certified residential real estate appraisers and licensed real estate brokers and agents to complete residential valuations. (more…)

Do you use any third parties to place orders?

No, we do not currently use any outside third parties to place orders. We have an internal Partner Development team who handles all recruiting and difficult case assignments in conjunction with Partner Relations. (more…)

What do you do?

Stewart Valuation Intelligence is helping to ensure a strong and stable housing market by assisting financial institutions better manage their real estate risk. (more…)

What is Home Value Forecast (HVF)?

Home Value Forecast (HVF) is our monthly look at real estate trends and market conditions. Not only does it provide our borrowers and customers insight into the current and future state of the U.S. housing market, but it has also proven to be a go-to resource for reporters and journalists covering national housing market trends. (more…)

What is your coverage area?

Our coverage is nationwide. Stewart Valuation Intelligence has built and maintained a mature network of quality audited and rated Appraisers and Real Estate Agents/Brokers. (more…)

What is your dispute resolution process?

Stewart Valuation Intelligence has an extensive QC process both on the pre and post-delivery side. We produce random weekly audits of our QC staff and panels to ensure consistency and quality as a post-delivery tool. SVI also has a designated dispute team that handles all client disputes and is responsible for addressing all client's concerns found on a particular file. (more…)

What is your quality control/review process?

Stewart Valuation Intelligence has an extensive, documented quality control process that seamlessly integrates both automated and human review to provide the best possible product. (more…)

Who are your clients?

Stewart Valuation Intelligence provides services across all verticals in the mortgage market: origination, home equity, servicing and capital markets. (more…)

Who is Stewart Valuation Intelligence?

Stewart Valuation Intelligence Intelligence is one of the premier national residential real estate valuation specialists. It is our core competency and our only service offering. We deliver better valuation services and reports to top mortgage banks, servicers and investors. We are part of the Stewart family of companies, giving us the financial stability of a publicly-traded company and you more opportunities with other Stewart companies.

Who pays for the valuation on a home equity loan?

In most cases, the lender orders and pays for the valuation. Stewart Valuation Intelligence can help you control costs by offering different product options depending on risk and underwriting criteria.