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Working Smarter: How Productivity Tools Are Helping SVI Deliver Top Quality Reports

Real estate appraisers and brokers are incredibly busy — and rightfully so, the effort it takes to accurately evaluate a property, conduct analysis of market data and then input the findings into a form can be time-consuming. To reduce the number of errors and provide more time for analysis, it’s crucial that real estate valuation providers embrace more modern productivity tools designed to bring the most needed information into a valuation form automatically.

SVI’s Integrated Market Data (IMD): A Productivity and Accuracy Tool

Increased reporting transparency, paired with less mistakes, will always equal better results. SVI’s Integrated Market Data (IMD) tool combines timely market data, human insights and dedicated expertise to deliver reports that are fast, accurate, and dependable.

Our Integrated Market Data tool integrates needed data directly into forms — data such as MLS for 95% of the U.S. market, public record information and market trends. This innovative utility has robust functionality allowing data to be filtered by time frame, property location and property attributes. Properties can be viewed in both list and interactive map formats, with rollover access to full MLS/public record data and exterior and interior photos.

Selected properties can be “dropped” into the SVI form, automatically filling in much of the needed data. Properties can also be “looked-up” by MLS number if the appraiser/broker prefers to work within their own MLS database. Data can also be manually input and/or overridden as needed.

Benefits of SVI’s IMD

SVI’s IMD is designed to save time and achieve top quality reports. Benefits include:

  • Reports generated with IMD are delivered with market condition graphs, allowing for a deeper understanding of local market trends.
  • IMD means fewer transcription errors, resulting in fewer report issues.
  • With IMD, our partners have more time to spend on market analysis instead of data entry. Also, partners love to work with the IMD tool, producing better reports quicker and leading to more orders going to our best-rated appraisers and broker/agents.

SVI’s IMD market condition graphs provide a better understanding of a subject property relative to the rest of the market — such as, is it an outlier or is it more typical type of property in the subject area.

How SVI’s IMD Helps Create Confidence

Quicker delivery, less errors and more transparency — SVI’s IMD gives clients trusted insight into how and why a broker and appraiser came up with a value conclusion.

Graphs available to our clients include: How many properties have sold in the same price band; cost-per-square-foot comparisons; Months of remaining inventory by price and a host of others.

A Productivity Tool Designed with Compliance in Mind

Any productivity tools created in the valuation industry must always have compliance in mind — IMD was designed according to all compliance rules and regulations.

At the end of the day, SVI’s IMD is an efficiency tool enabling superior market analysis while saving time and improving data integrity.

Integrated Market Data is another tool in our quest to provide the most accurate and timely reports to our clients, and the most efficient platform for our partners. Contact us to learn more about our Integrated Market Data capabilities and how it can help your organization get better reports.