SVI Property Condition Report

A useful assessment to understand the current condition of a property, and an essential component to SVI’s hybrid valuation offerings.

SVI’s Property Condition Report (PCR) is used to gain insights into a property’s condition and characteristics. A PCR report addresses subject and neighborhood conditions, marketability and other influences on market value. The assessment is performed by a local real estate professional from our nationwide BPO panel. The professional takes photos and completes a full inspection of the subject property and neighborhood influences – the PCR can be either exterior-only or interior depending on use.

The Property Condition Report is a building block to many of SVI’s hybrid valuation solutions. ValueFocusCollateralPoint and Appraisal Desktop with Inspection (ADI) all start with the PCR.

After a natural disaster, there is often a need to have a better understanding of the condition of properties in your portfolio. In these instances, the PCR delivers a damage assessment, allowing you to better understand any negative impacts to the property and your business.

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SVI Property Condition Report