Innovative technology is the backbone of fast, accurate appraisal management.

Expert associates support our technology.

Our technology is developed and maintained by our in-house crew of elite software developers and expert technology professionals.  We stay on the cutting edge of the latest software enhancements, security techniques, and industry best-practices to deliver unparalleled service and exceed expectations.

Full integration with all loan related systems.

Our technology is both user-friendly and easy to integrate with your loan origination system as well as numerous proprietary packages, including:

  • Black Knight RealEC
  • Ellie Mae Encompass
  • Mercury Network
  • WestVM
  • Veros Pathways (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac)

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What are your fees?

Stewart Valuation Intelligence offers competitive fees, and constantly studies the market to make sure our fees align with going market rates. We also encourage feedback from our partners and for you to set up your own fee schedule.

How often do you pay?

For Partners signed up for direct deposit, all work closed in QC by Friday night will be paid by the following Wednesday (allow up to 48 hours for the funds to show in your account).

Do I need to complete a background check?

Some of Stewart Valuation Intelligence’s clients have made background checks mandatory, others have no preference. You can sign up either way.

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