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Streamlining the Appraisal Scheduling Process with Valuation Express

The lending industry has become more efficient, streamlined and technology-driven in recent years. One of the last areas where technology has been lagging, however, is in the appraisal scheduling process. Not anymore.

SVI’s Valuation Express is leading the way by incorporating the latest technology, including machine learning, to gain efficiencies and reduce friction in the appraisal scheduling process. The result is increased customer satisfaction and more loan closings.

Valuation Express uses artificial intelligence to expedite the first 24 hours of the appraisal scheduling process. This leads to improved time efficiency and eliminates scheduling bottlenecks. Homeowners can select their preferred inspection times, and Valuation Express matches them with a professional appraiser with availability in the area.

The benefits of Valuation Express are clear. It enhances the customer experience, improves pull-through rates and reduces customer fallout. The service is proactive from both sides, with homeowners choosing the time and appraisers informing SVI of their availability using an easy interface. Valuation Expresses uses these data points and predictive modeling to choose the right top-tier appraiser to get the order, shaving days off the process.

To learn how Valuation Express can benefit your lending business, please reach out to your Stewart Representative or email