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Appraisal Desktop with Inspection (ADI) – SVI’s Limited Scope Appraisal Solution

Stewart Valuation Intelligence’s (SVI) Appraisal Desktop with Inspection (ADI), a bifurcated appraisal solution, is a timely and affordable limited scope home appraisal that is completed by a state credentialed appraiser in adherence with USPAP and FIRREA; perfect for instances where a full appraisal is not required.

The availability of SVI’s Integrated Market Data (IMD) within the ADI form puts all relative market data at the appraiser’s fingertips, eliminates rekeying of data and provides more robust market analysis and data validation. The result, faster turn times, improved accuracy and stronger supporting data.

Our product is backed by industry-leading appraisal quality control and expertise from one of the largest and most experienced networks of appraisers.

Stewart’s ADI

Increased regulatory oversight and credit risk policies have put restrictions on the use of non-appraisal valuations. A product was needed to fill the gap between an AVM or BPO and a Field Appraisal. Enter SVI’s Appraisal Desktop with Inspection (ADI).

ADI’s solution is flexible and economical—and completed in only two steps, each mining the best data from the best sources.

Step 1: A local real estate agent from SVI’s national panel completes a full inspection of the property and its surrounding influences (including photos). SVI’s use of licensed real estate professionals means someone with factual local market knowledge is completing the inspection. The inspection is then routed to a licensed/certified appraiser.

Step 2: The appraiser reviews the inspection to identify condition and all potential influences on value then develops the desktop appraisal, gathering information from the inspection, property photos, aerial and mapping imagery and SVI’s Integrated Market Data (IMD) that includes comprehensive MLS, public records and market analytics. The delivered report includes photos of the subject property, the appraiser’s selected comparables (including MLS photos) and eight market condition graphs.

The Appraisal Desktop with Inspection allows the appraiser to produce the most complete, informed property appraisal in fewer than five days and without the cost of a full field appraisal.

Integrated Market Data (IMD)

The SVI IMD utility has robust functionality, allowing the user to filter data by time frame, property location and property attributes. Selected properties to be used as sales and listing comparables can be “dropped” into corresponding comparable grids on the SVI form, automatically filling in the comp grid fields.

SVI’s IMD offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Added Transparency – Reports generated with IMD are delivered with market condition graphs, so you’ll have a better understanding of local market trends.
  • Fewer Mistakes – Using reports generated with IMD means fewer transcription errors, resulting in fewer issues with your reports.
  • Better Reports – With IMD, our partners have more time to spend on property analysis instead of data entry. Also, partners love to work with the tool, leading to more orders going to our best-rated providers.

Contact SVI to learn more about ADI, IMD and SVI’s full suite of real estate valuation products and services.