SVI’s Solutions for Non-Performing and Re-Performing Loans

Five products to consider when valuing the underlying assets in NPL/RPL pools

There are many benefits to partnering with Stewart Valuation Intelligence for your valuation needs:


We have AVM, broker/agent and appraiser driven valuation products, giving you options to find the solution best for you.


Our BPOs are delivered with a pool report that floats “red flag” loans to the top, including summary comments on all issues.


All our products are compliant, and we’re always on top of regulatory trends.


All the benefits mean nothing if the value isn’t accurate. Intelligent Quality Control is our key to more accurate reports.

Solutions for Non-Performing and Re-Performing Loans

Stewart Valuation Intelligence’s Products for NPL/RPL

Stewart Valuation Intelligence offers multiple valuation solutions, including a flexible ‘waterfall approach’ designed according to your credit risk policy.


We offer a full complement of market data, modeling analytics, indexes and forecasts


Broker Price Opinions, Evaluations and Inspections options

Appraisal Desktop with Inspection (ADI)

The ADI provides national coverage and combines a desktop appraisal with a full property inspection.

Field Appraisals

Full AMC services for conventional financing, FHA financing and loan servicing

Buying or Selling Non-Performing or Re-Performing Loans?

Stewart Valuation Intelligence has worked with numerous buyers and sellers of NPLs/RPLs over the years — we are well versed in helping our customers get the most accurate and actionable information they need. We know it’s of utmost importance that all parties have confidence in the value of the underlying assets. Stewart Valuation Intelligence offers a suite of products to help confirm the value of the properties in a pool, and offers a “waterfall” approach for reviewing different risk profiles.

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What are your fees?

Stewart Valuation Intelligence offers competitive fees, and constantly studies the market to make sure our fees align with going market rates. We also encourage feedback from our partners and for you to set up your own fee schedule.

How often do you pay?

For Partners signed up for direct deposit, all work closed in QC by Friday night will be paid by the following Wednesday (allow up to 48 hours for the funds to show in your account).

Do I need to complete a background check?

Some of Stewart Valuation Intelligence’s clients have made background checks mandatory, others have no preference. You can sign up either way.

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