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Introducing Performance Snapshot: A Tool for Enhanced Appraisal Accuracy and Efficiency

In the ever-evolving world of property valuation, precision and efficiency are paramount. To meet these demands, Stewart Valuation Intelligence (SVI) introduces Performance Snapshot, a customized, intelligent data report designed to improve appraisal quality and limit revisions.

Performance Snapshot is emailed to appraisers when they accept an order. It provides precise lender- and order-specific insights for each valuation, enhancing accuracy and efficiency while reducing client friction points. One of the standout features of Performance Snapshot is its ability to identify, at the order level, the most common revisions specific to the appraiser, client and order type. This granular approach means that appraisers receive insights that are not only precise but also highly relevant to each specific valuation they manage.

By presenting appraisers with the top revisions that specific lenders focus on, as well as their own most common revisions, Performance Snapshot helps prevent repeat mistakes from one report to the next. This proactive approach to quality control ensures that appraisers can deliver more accurate and reliable reports, reducing the need for revisions and enhancing client satisfaction.

The value of Performance Snapshot extends beyond immediate accuracy improvements. By providing comprehensive analytics and performance data, the tool equips appraisers with the insights needed to make informed strategic decisions. Whether it’s identifying trends in common revisions, understanding client-specific requirements, or streamlining workflow processes, Performance Snapshot offers a holistic view that drives long-term improvement.

If you are a lender wanting to learn more about Performance Snapshot, please contact your Stewart Lender Services Representative or email