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Appraisal Risk Review (ARR): Confidently Move your Whole Loan or Securitization Deals Forward

Need a product for mortgages being purchased into conduits or packaged into securitizations? SVI’s Appraisal Risk Review (ARR) makes it simple to confirm or disprove the credibility of the original appraisal and appraiser, providing you with an easy-to-understand summary, risk flags and recommended next steps based on your policies and tolerances.

The ARR can be utilized to determine risk and compliance within an appraisal; evaluate the value and comparable selection by the appraiser; recommend further due diligence based on the client’s policies and tolerances; and provide an objective risk score to drive workflows.

The report includes: a summary page with rating, issues and conclusion; written analysis, comparables and sale history (comparable search parameters customizable to Client guidelines), fully integrated market data & analytics and all supporting documentation.

Every Appraisal Risk Review is completed by a licensed/certified appraiser in the state of your subject property. With Appraisal Risk Review, know your overall collateral risk and what next steps you need to take.

To learn more, reach out to your SVI sales representative or email