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How SVI’s AMC Training Protocol Helps Us Create Top Tier Valuation Products

Training is essential in the world of residential real estate valuation. As an Appraisal Management Company (AMC) with clients ranging from mortgage originators and servicers to investors throughout the country, the team at SVI understands the important role proper AMC training plays in its business—especially in its ability to provide top tier appraisals and other valuation services for clients.

But the type of preparation and education that goes on at SVI is not your typical AMC training. It’s far more robust than any other in the industry today. And here’s why.

A Three-Pronged Approach to Training

Training at SVI is much more involved than putting a few employees in a conference room for a few hours and expecting them to know their jobs. At SVI, training is broken down into essentially three groupings—each of which varies in level of scrutiny and importance.

1. Product and Client Specific Training

SVI partners with thousands of appraisers and real estate broker/agents throughout the country, and as such, expects these partners to be well versed in the tools and products that help generate the top tier reports and unparalleled valuation services our clients have come to expect.

From standard appraisals and BPOs to specialty hybrid products, SVI has product and client-specific training for their staff to make sure what is delivered is what is expected by SVI and its clients.

2. Compliance Training

Compliance is key. SVI’s clients expect a high level of proficiency when it comes to following rules and regulations, both at the state and federal level. This is why our employees, appraisers and broker/agent partners are held to a high standard when it comes to their knowledge of compliance material.

3. Management Training

Providing quality valuation services starts from the top down. At SVI, our management staff also follows a rigorous training regimen—ensuring information is efficiently passed throughout all levels of the company structure.

SVI has adopted Lean/Agile methodologies to reduce waste and speed business transformation. Management has been trained to support these methodologies throughout the organization.

While the above three-pronged approach is critical, it means nothing to our clients if we can’t actually prove it.

A Robust AMC Training Program

The transparency we offer our clients is achieved in large part thanks to our robust AMC training platform and learning management system—SVI U. This internal training platform allows us the ability to pull reports on whatever our clients request—whether it’s the number of people who’ve attended a specific compliance training course, or percentage of personnel that have taken part in a security seminar.

As part of SVI U, we also employ a vendor resource library that allows all of our appraisers and broker/agent partners access to a variety of training and reference material. Our partners have access to this library through an online portal that is constantly updated and always accessible.

As your valuation partner, SVI strives to follow the most accurate, compliant and reliable process possible—with 100% transparency. This is why we take training so seriously.

Contact us to learn more about SVI’s training, as well as compliance efforts related to state licensing and registration information.