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7 Days to Transform Your Appraisal Management with VI Direct

Traditional real estate appraisal is a protracted process that is complicated, time-consuming, and steeped in paperwork. It requires multiple people to coordinate varying tasks and track down information from numerous contacts, further complicating and slowing down the process. But what if there was a solution that enabled lenders to manage all aspects of appraisal management in a singular, efficient platform?

The good news: there is.

VI Direct is a state-of-the-art SaaS solution that handles all the necessary aspects of appraiser assignment, tracking, QC and payment processing – it even eliminates the need for a Trust Account.

With VI Direct, you can oversee the entire appraisal process in-house, with streamlined overhead and staffing.

For some reason, many in the industry assume that adopting new technology or moving to a new process is also a time-consuming, arduous process. VI Direct enables you to have the program up and running in a week’s time — just seven days. It will take you less time to implement VI Direct than it takes to complete all the tasks that this program will handle.

Let us prove it to you.

Below is a real example of the VI Direct onboarding process. At the end of this seven-day period, you will have a revolutionary appraisal management system that will save you time, money and increase your customer and appraiser loyalty.

7 Days to VI Direct

Day 1

  • Hold the client kickoff meeting to review and sign VI Direct Subscription and ACH agreements.

Day 2

  • Return the Client Setup Worksheet. This worksheet helps SVI to custom configure VI Direct to your needs, such as:
    • Borrower appraisal delivery
    • UCDP/EAD delivery
    • Score or Rotation Assignment Logic
    • Branch and/or Preferred Panel feature
  • SVI will assist you with your QC Review Function, or they can route internally based upon appraisal aspects such as value, CU Score, the Custom-Built Review Checklist and so much more.
  • Submit Lender’s Appraisal Panel (this applies to Corporate Branch and Preferred Appraisers)
  • Submit Lender’s Users
  • Submit Appraisal Fee Template

Day 3

  • Nominate VI Direct as your “agent” for appraisal delivery in the UCDP and EAD portals.

Day 4

  • VI Direct Client Relations staff will invite any of your panel appraisers that don’t already have a user profile to register on the platform.
  • The Lenders Panel will be built out with new and existing profiles.

Day 5

  • VI Direct Client Relations staff will finalize your nationwide appraiser fee template per your specifications.

Day 6

  • Our Client Relations staff will onboard and train all end-users to effectively use VI Direct.

Day 7

  • Get started creating appraisal assignments using VI Direct and realize the full capabilities of this platform.

Appraisal management doesn’t have to be a sluggish and monotonous process. With VI Direct, you can manage all facets of real estate appraisals in a singular, SaaS-based solution that is designed to scale and grow with you. If you’d like to learn more or would like a free demonstration, please contact us. We would love to help you get started with VI Direct.

Disclaimer: this post is provided for informational purposes only; no representations, warranties, or legal advice are intended to be provided.