Technology Empowering Human Insight

We’re a residential real estate valuation company delivering intelligent home valuation services with the best people, partners and tech-empowered processes.

valuation tech done right

Today, Technology Matters

Appraisals, valuations and other reports are performed by people, but the tools that enable these processes keep advancing. As the appraisal industry continues to modernize, it’s clear that valuation companies need to also be technology companies.

Stewart Valuation Intelligence uses the latest technology to empower every aspect of its operations – is your valuation provider keeping up?

We Provide Solutions For:


Offering full AMC services and an array of due diligence solutions

Home Equity

A suite of valuation options and Intelligent Cascade to match product to risk


Products to meet your needs based on function, risk policy and investor/regulatory guidelines

Capital Markets

Collateral valuation and due diligence to support loan pool purchase, sale and securitization

Delivering Valuation Intelligence

Providing unparalleled Valuation Intelligence to our clients is our mission – leveraging the best market data, human insights and data-driven processes are how we deliver.

Dedicated Support
You will be assigned a dedicated account manager and team, meaning the person who answers the phone will know you, your company and your needs.

Extensive Partner Network
SVI has more than 30,000 active appraisers, brokers and agents in its Partner Network — wherever there’s a home, we have a Partner.

Valuation Products



Verified and approved to support Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae’s Property Data Collection Report needs using SVI’s extensive Broker/Agent Partner Network.

A Stewart Company

Stewart helps its clients strengthen efficiency, reduce loan cycle time, decrease costs and improve the customer experience. To that aim, Stewart has welcomed a number of new companies, and we are proud to be part of the Stewart family.

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